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Subject: JMS: 3rd Season Questions
+  1: Oct  5, 1995: Lars Joreteg <ljoreteg at>
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From: Lars Joreteg <ljoreteg at>
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Here is a few technical questions. I have not watched the final four yet, 
so some of these questions may be answered there already. I would 
appreciate some info on these issues:

1. I have heard rumours that B5 will recieve new starfuries in "Matters 
   of Honor". Will these 'furies be "Black Omega"-furies, or something 

3. Will we see more of the starliner "Asimov"? (Pleeaase...) :)

4. Does the Omega-class destroyers ("Agamemnon" and others) have 
   StarFuries aboard? If so, How many?

5. How powerful is the "Agamemnon" compared to the "Hyperion"?

6. Does the "Hyperion" have a jump-point generator? BTW, what class of 
   ship is it?

7. Which fighter is more advanced? The StarFury or the Narn's Frazi-class 
   heavy fighter?

Thanks for your time. 
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From: straczynski at
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     B5 does not get new 'furies in the premire; the Asimov will likely
return, though not a big story point; the Aggy does have 'furies aboard,
yes, and it's considerably more powerful than the Hyperion, though both are
jump capable.

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