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Subject: ATTN JMS! Question from a trekker :-)
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Howdy to all, I hate to waste the bandwidth in asking this and I don't
even know if I'm early or to late for this.  My apologies if this has
been asked a million times over but I'm very interested in an item I
read.  I only started lurking in this newsgroup a little while back,
I've had very little interested in picking up another Sci-fi show
since I was already watching four, and BAB5 conflicts with two of them
here in Houston.  Anyways A friend of mine got me interested and again
sad to say I just simply don't have to time to sit down and watch the
show :-(  Disappointed as I am I had a question about this post I
read.  It was about Majel Barrett-Roddenberry appearing in Babylon5?
Has this episode shown already? If not when will it? or a time frame
there abouts would be very nice to know.  If I'm to late I would love
to hear from others what the episode was like <or any other episodes
you'd like to entertain me with :) i'm all ears! :P> If it hasn't I
would like to know when!  I have email addys of about 700 fellow
trekkers who *will* tune in to watch Mrs. Barrett-Roddenberry and
possibly get hooked themselves if they aren't already.  <sci-fi
addition spreads like crazy, but boy what a thrill!>  
Again, if this question has been asked to death, no since in beating
it to death inside this newsgroup, feel free to simply email me a
response if you happen to have one to offer I'd love to read them.
I'm sorry if my posting offends any as I don't know how Bab5 folks
feel about a die hard trekker lurking around :)  I know how
compansionate folks get about a show they enjoy so my apologies now to
any I offend and welcome arms to those that can help me! :)

Toodles :)
-Leigh Gaffney
Phoenix DataNET, Inc
IRC System Administrator "AdmLucas"


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Leigh (leigh at wrote:

<much stuff>

As Rob has already answered your question, let me just say this. Welcome 
to the party! I'm a former life-long Trekker myself. A lot of us are.




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     Majel will appear in year 3 episode 9, "Point of No

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