JMS IS FULL OF SHIT!!! (Was Re: Paramount to Cancel DS9..)

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Subject: JMS IS FULL OF SHIT!!! (Was Re: Paramount to Cancel DS9..)
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From: riel at (Linus "The Auto-Masochist" Enriquez)
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> The Creator B5 writes the following crap:
> " Which dovetails precisely into the rumor running around town that
> Paramount is considering giving the axe to DS9"
> Only in his dreams!
> Does anyone really think that Paramount would spend a small forture on the
> two-hour opener and sign Michael Dorn up for THREE YEARS if they had any
> plans of killing the series? 
> I somehow don't think so.
> This is yet another attempt by the grand creator of B5 to spend more
> crap about DS9 in a shameless attempt to to bash TREK, 
> I'd love to see this bozo tell the entire planet where exactly these
> comments were published and exactly in what magazine or newspaper and in
> exactly what issue. 
> In the Universe of B5 and JMS facts tend to get in the way of his "Holy
> Truth". 
> Ford A. Thaxton (FordaT at

Rumors are rumors are rumors.  Bashing is bashing is bashing.
You'd think people'd be happy in the influx of new sf shows instead of trying 
to rip all competitors apart.
After a long drought you'd think everyone'd be nice and say, thank you thank 
you thank you.

Silly me.

Till the next.
                           Thumbsuckin' Blanketholder
                Linus "that merry wanderer of the night" Enriquez


From: Mark Smith <msmith at>
Lines: 18

Hey Ford, once again you didn't read JMSs' post.  He *clearly* stated 
that "only time will tell" regarding the rumor.  You just WANT to create 
any context which will suit your desire to trash JMS at every opportunity.
Are you prepared to state that Paramount will definitely *not* drop DS9?  
If so, you are making leaps of faith based on less than JMS.  If not, 
then what's your problem with JMS reciting the reams of gossip from the 
Hollywood elite that he, once again, acknowledged as !*RUMOR*!

So, you are on America Online now huh....been kicked off every other 
system have you.  There are only so many service providers in the country 
you can use before you must start 1) lying about your name/address/credit 
cards, 2) moving overseas and getting connected there (consider it!), and 
3) quit using the 'net and making everyone miserable you <LIE MODE ON> nice, 
sweet, intelligent, well-thought, brilliantly-articulated, popular, 
well-regarded gentleman <LIE MODE OFF>.


From: straczynski at
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     Since this has come up, I went back and checked the source, and did
a verbatim quote of the article that appeared in a recent (this past week)
edition of the Los Angeles Times.  Because nobody should accept info minus
attribution and provenance.  The comments came from Kerry McCluggage, the
head of the Paramount Television Group; other comments were from Berman.


From: straczynski at
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      Dave Thomas: exactly...a rumor is exactly that, and sometimes it's
a way of testing the waters.  If DS9 fans want to make sure the show stays
around, they need to support it.  Right now, nothing's been decided, and
I made that eminently clear in my original message about this.  There's
much still being discussed; even Berman in that LA Times article worried
that they may have "gone to the well too often."  I think they're going to
wait until the 30th anniversary hoopla is over before making a final
     Meanwhile, thanks for confirming what I said, that this stuff is out
and in the streets around town, as well as being indicated in industry
related articles.

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