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	JMS --
	With regards to your comment below, have you discussed this 
(rubbed their faces in?) this fact with Warner, that rerunning some 
episodes FOUR times might have hurt the ratings for B5.  That perhaps 
having shown some of the first season episodes again, which many B5 
viewers missed, might have gotten higher ratings?  The delaying the 
Final Four until October might have been (gosh!) A Bad Idea? 
 	In other words, did the ratings slip given Warner a clue with 
regards to treating B5 original and rerun schedule in a more sensible
manner for Season Three?
 			     -- Frank Hummel  [ hummel at netcom.com ]
	= = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
J. Michael Straczynski wrote on CompuServe:
>     The only reason the ratings have slipped (which they never mention 
>in the trades) is that we've been in reruns since *MAY*, just running 
>the same 18 episodes over and over and over.
>     We'll get a better picture in a few weeks.



From: straczynski at genie.geis.com
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      Franklin: I'm sure they still think it was a good idea.
      If you need me, I'll be on the roof....

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