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Harlan Ellison has requested that I post this in places where
those likely to have ordered the forthcoming CITY ON THE EDGE
OF FOREVER limited-edition hardcover can find it.
Message begins:
Here is the answer to the question of why a three-week delay in
shipping THE CITY ON THE EDGE OF FOREVER became necessary.
A minor production glitch.
Nothing more mysterious or ominous than that.
Once the book had gone to Thomson-Shore in Dexter, Michigan for
printing, and was in production, it was discovered that more
than 150 corrections to the text--some significant, others of a
niggling nature--but all troublesome to a greater or lesser
degree--had slipped past, and had not been integrated.
Tom Monteleone of Borderlands Press was out of the country.  But
his concerns for shipping on time--we've been paying the price
for a premature announcement of this title four years ago ever
since that miscalculation was made--were preeminent.  Nonetheless,
because of my insistence that this book (a book of great personal
importance to me) be as close to perfect as possible, I took
the necessary action to hold the production at a pre-final stage
till Tom returned and we could get the changes made.
That has been accomplished.  Tom Monteleone has been very
gracious in accommodating my concerns, and the book is back in
the tube at Thomson-Shore right now.  Three weeks max is what
Dave Raymond, Customer Services Manager, tells us.  Three weeks
and the book, a beautiful beautiful package, will be in the
hands of those who've ordered it.
It is unfortunate that Tom Monteleone's interim message on the
Borderlands Press 800-order line has been misinterpreted by
some people.  All is well, and the CITY is on its way to waiting
eyes and hands.  Thank you for asking.
                                                Harlan Ellison

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