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Warning...this post contains spoilers for Divided Loyalities and Shadows
of Z'Hadum....

(last spoiler warning)

JMS:  We've now seen three different flashbacks which are shown in black &
white, once in shadows of z'hadum and twice in Divided Loyalities.  My
question is fairly straightforward...when you guys shoot the scenes that
will later be used as flashbacks, do you use two camera's (one color, one
b&w), one camera that is capable of using two sets of film, or do you use
another process to later convert the color to b&w (i.e. computer etc.)?  

If you do have to use a second or a special camera to do it, how do people
on the set, praticularly the actors/actresses react, since it must be an
obvious tipoff to them that whatever they are filming will be somewhat
important down the road even though it amy not seem that way at the time?  


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     Flashback scenes are usually part of a prior scene, and thus are
shot in color, shown the first time, and transferred to black and white
for flashback use.

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