ATTN: JMS Your opinion on comics #9, 10?

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Subject: ATTN: JMS Your opinion on comics #9, 10?
+  1: Oct 12, 1995: raibeck at  (Andy Raibeck)
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From: raibeck at  (Andy Raibeck)
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There's been a lot of criticism of B5 comic issues
#9 and 10. How much creative control do you have over
the comic, and what did you think of these issues?

Andy (raibeck at


From: straczynski at
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     I wasn't terribly pleased with the artwork on 9 and 10, I thought it
could've been much better.  As for the story, David Gerrold had proposed
(and written) that as an outline for an episode; I said I didn't think it
worked for our show.  Which opened the door for DC to pick it up, and since
he felt so strongly that it *did* work, I figured I'd let him proceed.

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