jms is anti-Trek?

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Subject: jms is anti-Trek?
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From: denebeim at (Jay Denebeim)
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Over the last day or so, I kept hearing how anti-trek jms is, it
sounds like a large number of the trek groups thinks that Joe is out
to get Trek.

This is not the case at all.  He's been an SF fan for a very long
time.  The reason he did B5 in the first place is that he was unhappy
with his choices of SF TV, there wasn't much, and when it was
concieved, (pre TNG) there was almost nothing on the air at all.

Here is a post that *wasn't* crossposted, take a look at the tone of

Subj:  VOYAGER'S BAD TREK		Section: Star Trek
  To:  Lawrence Roberts, 73200,2174	Tuesday, October 10, 1995 12:50:01 AM
From:  J. Michael Straczynski, 71016,1644#363122

> Absolutely not.  I don't think the audience is facionalized, really;
> I think there's *plenty* of room for SF, but it has to be SF *done
> well*.

>     See, that's the difference in how execs think (if I can use that
> term); if a cop show dies, they say, "Well, that one show didn't
> work."  If an SF series dies, they say, "There's no market for SF in
> television."

>     I think that the audience can handle lots of SF, if it's quality.

>     BTW, though I normally don't have a chance to catch the ST
> shows, with rare exceptions, I did manage to catch tonight's
> Voyager...and I have to say that this was probably the best I've
> seen to date.  The dialogue was crisp and funny and insightful, the
> story worked (even though the plot per se was nothing to write home
> about), the bits played...I quite enjoyed it.  I'd love to see them
> do more of this kind of thing.

>                                                                       jms
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In article <benchr.212.0026355E at>,
	benchr at (Ross Bench) writes:
>In article <45gifp$n6i at> denebeim at (Jay Denebeim) writes:
>>From: denebeim at (Jay Denebeim)
>>Subject: jms is anti-Trek?
>>Date: 11 Oct 1995 09:57:13 -0400
>>Over the last day or so, I kept hearing how anti-trek jms is, it
>>sounds like a large number of the trek groups thinks that Joe is out
>>to get Trek.
>Just look at this crossposted nightmare...
>Who really gives a damn about JMS ???
>JMS, JMS... You are my idol pleeze dribble your net spew on we the faithful...
>I feel like puking...
>I want to view quality SF and I could give a flying f**K about Rick Berman or 


>I feel nauseated at the pathetic drivel that wastes so much of the bandwidth 
>in this newsgroup...

If yer don't like it, don't read it? I thought that was pretty elementary

~Sorabain Wolfheart de Lioncourt


From: straczynski at
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     "JMS loves the fact that you worship him...."
     Yessir, boy-howdy, and there ain't nothin' like signing onto your
account and seeing ten gazillion messages titled JMS IS SOMETIMES / ALWAYS
/ GENERALLY / 99.9% FULL OF SHIT to make you feel like the living
reincarnation of Thor hisownself.
     "you ain't never gonna be on the show" ... actually quite a few folks
on the nets have come by the Babylon 5 stages, have been paid to edit music
videos, have even come to *work* for us...PwdrdTstMan from AOL now works at
the B5 stages, another internetter known to most folks here is now working
at WB on the B5 AOL page, others have come here as well, even as extras a
few times.
     "and you ain't havin' dinner at Master JMS' estate."  As soon as
Master JMS *gets* an estate instead of a fairly simple 3 bedroom house in
a reasonably nice neighborhood, I'll let you know if this happens or not.
In the interim, I've had dinner and lunches with folks from the nets for
quite some time now.
     "thrill of a lifetime feeling that they are actually interacting with
their 'god'"   See paragraph 2 above.  Amazing how if anyone does anything
of merit, and some folks acknowledge that, others have to characterize
that in Deity terms.  Is there no in-between?  Oh, silly me, it's just a
rhetorical device to deride the issue at hand; sorry, for a moment there I
thought you were interested in accuracy, Ross.  My apologies.
     And frankly, if I were ANY kind of deity, I'd have a LOT more hair and
a *MUCH* deeper voice.


From: 3cjmd at (De Castellvi Jaime M)
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Rojohn Soriano (roj at wrote:

: Who is JMS?

Aaahhh...mmmmm.... who is Rojohn Soriano?


From: straczynski at
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     To John Lawrence Morgan: no, I don't get to watch ST very often;
that's because doing this job is a 25-hour-a-day responsibility.  I'm at
the B5 offices from early in the day until 7:30-8:00 at night, I grab a
fast meal, sometimes just a sandwich, and charge into my home office and
start writing.  I try to break away for a very few shows; American Gothic,
Space, the Simpsons, X-Files and 60 Minutes during the course of the week.
I have no time for anything else.  That's why I log on here often at 3 a.m.
because that's the only time I have left after work.  (Today's an
exception; I get to work at home today since we've given the crew a couple
days off to catch their breath.)
     And yeah...given the choice between spending those last couple of
hours vegged out watching TeeVee, and coming on-line and hanging out with
people, almost my last vestige of human (sorta) contact...I choose the
latter.  What in this do you have a problem?

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