JMS: You did it to me again!

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Subject: JMS: You did it to me again!
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From: drakon at (Harry Benjamin Gibson)
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After months of living on re-runs, the first new episode comes along 
What can I say, you owe me another pair of socks.

I've been avoiding the net/this group until now to avoid spoilers
brother it was worth it.

I especially liked how you handled the thing between Talia and
Susan. Very classy, very subtle, at one point I thought there
was going to be a kiss, but am glad you didn't. It would have 
detracted from the killer story.

Reminds me of a story: once someone suggested that they have a
gay crewman on Star Trek. The idea was nicks because they had
no idea how to play it. The comment was something along hte lines 
of Lt. Fluffy. 

Good job. 
Ben Gibson (Going to stop wearing socks when this show is one)


From: straczynski at
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     Ben....we try.....

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