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Subject: JMS: Talia and Ivanova *spoilers*
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*spoilers for DL are below*

Okay, everyone is really a buzz above the Talia+Ivanova relationship.
Can you say something that would clear things up here .... I know the
scene wasn't cut, but what was implied really stands out.

Aslo on a slightly different vein, if you did intend for them to be
'lovers' why not an on-screen kiss.  I'm not looking for some cheap
thrills here, but rather how would this be taken by viewers.
The attitude here seems to be that it would have been okay, but there
seems to be some general TV thing above homosexual affection (Melrose
Place has been trying for years and they can't get it right).  
Star Trek had the very first interracial kiss on television, why not
the first homosexual kiss on B5.

Erik Herz
-too cool for a .sig


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      I didn't show a kiss because, in my experience, it's easier on all
around if one steps into the shallow end of the pool first, and walks
into the deep end rather than diving in and splashing everybody in the

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