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Subject: ATTN JMS: RAVES and KUDOS for TLTS (and spoilers)
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	I thought the rapid intercutting betweeen various sites was a
beautiful technique, creating a lasting impression of an inevitable
slide into momentous events that hearkens back to a reading of the
history of Europe, 1939.

	The scene of Londo in the window of the battleship, horror and
resignation warring on his face as the shadow slowly slides across it,
leaving him in a soft twilight, was beautifully composed and lit, and
spoke more without words than volumes of exposition.

	The battle scenes were masterworks of composition as well.
	The figure of G'Kar, beaten but unconquered, his persona having come,
in our eyes over the two seasons from blustering brute to anguished
partriot to resigned resistance, was noble in every sense of the word.
G'Kar's speech as he left the council was the stuf of which history is
made, and the once fierce-seeming reptilian visage has no longer even
a hint of alienness about it - we see in it (and through Andreas
Katsulis's fine acting) simply a person of great feeling and emotion -
human in every respet that matters.

	Stirring as G'Kar's speech was, Sheridan's speech to the rangers was
just as moving (as was Boxleitner's performance) - the stuff of
Patrick Henry and Nathan Hale.  One touch I especially liked was the
slight hesitation when Sheridan began a sentence, stopped, took
perhaps a moment to control himself, and began his sentence again,
pitched slightly lower and spoken slower, with an even greater resolve
and confidence in his voice.  This is the way great orators speak, and
possibly a technique you might remember from our last great American
orator, Ronald Reagan (let the flames fall where they may).

	All in allmthe best episode of Babylon 5 I've seen yet - and I've seen
them all.

	Thank you.

Cecil Rose
alabama at
Carson, California


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     Cecil: my deepest thanks for that.


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