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Subject: Attn JMS: Q's not asked from AOL
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From: rkawakami at (RKawakami)
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Since my questions weren't selected tonight during your chat on AOL I'm
posting them here:

What has been happening on the set the last few days (i.e. which ep is
in post, which one is being filmed and which one are you writing)?

Have you already shot Majel Barrett-Roddenberry's scenes yet?  And if
so, did she portray her character as you had initially envisioned?

Raymond Kawakami
rkawakami at
rkawakami at


From: straczynski at
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     What's been happening the last few days?  Well, we're now shooting
episode #9, "Point of No Return," and today was Majel Barrett's second
day of shooting on the show; she has two more days to shoot.  So far the
episode looks very good.  We're finishing the last EFX shots on "Voices
of Authority," episode #4, which will air after episode #5, "Passing
Through Gethsemane" because the latter requires almost zip EFX, and is a
better cap to the Novemer sweeps.

     I just finished writing episode #12, "A Late Delivery From Avalon,"
and we're in pre-production on #10, "Severed Dreams."  I'm currently
breaking out the story for #13 (not titled yet), which I'll probably start
writing this weekend.  We should get the director's cut on "Messages From
Earth" (#8) sometime middle of next week.


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