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Subject: ATTN JMS: Notes to actors about foreshadowing
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I seem to recall you saying at one point that you occasionally give line
notes to the director to be given to the actors, so that a particular line
which is going to turn out to be significant, ironic, or foreshadowing, can
be said with the right twist.  (And if it wasn't you who said that, I'll
let you know once I find out who did... :)

Yesterday, to lure another SF fan into addiction to B5 (aside: got her!),
we rewatched a set of episodes designed to highlight G'Kar's story: MotFL,
S&P, Chrysalis, (skipped Revelations but didn't want to), TCoS, and TLTS.
During one scene in Chrysalis there was something G'Kar said in a tone
that, in the context of the episode, seemed a bit odd.  It's just after the
three (ahem) ladies leave and Sinclair is talking to G'Kar.  He (G'Kar),
normally (up to this point) so confident in everything, says "We know what
we are doing" in a remarkably UNSURE voice.  Perhaps he, like Sinclair, has
been "having a feeling lately"?  It's not clear.  Nothing Sinclair is
saying seems to me to be able to cut past G'Kar's confidence at that point.

Now, didn't I just hear someone, I think Refa, saying about the same line?
The mirroring is possibly complete.  Or soon to be, anyway.

Was that particular tone of voice from G'Kar a result of the
above-mentioned line notes process?

(By the way, while I have your ear, soon after "Deathwalker" I asked if the
two threads in that show (Jha'Dur, Kosh & Talia) were directly related, and
you said (perhaps not to me) to wait and see.  I *still* don't know!  Gack!

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     No, I don't believe I gave any voice direction on that one.

     But certainly, the most trouble is always caused by people who are
sure they know what they're doing.


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