ATTN JMS: Could you clear some things up for us? (DL)

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Subject: ATTN JMS: Could you clear some things up for us? (DL)
+  1: Oct 25, 1995: denebeim at (Jay Denebeim)
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  Could you clear some things up for us here.  Everyone seems very
confused about the whole Talia issue.  Especially wrt SitW, DW and MW.
Frankly I'm kinda tired of all the debate on the newsgroup about it

The issues basically are:

1) Ironheart's gift.  I know you've said that he made a BIG mistake by
   not scanning her (but he was rather busy 'becomming' at the time)


2) The VCR & Kosh.  Smart money is that this is a weapon in
   Garibaldi's mind, but quite a few people think she's recorded on
   that data crystal.


3) Control asking for the termination of Talia.  I believe you said in
   the past that Control was expendable, and knew it.

If you could make a post addressing these subjects once and for all,
I'd greatly appreciate it.

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From: straczynski at
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     I could address those issues here, but I'd rather do them in the
show...otherwise it kinda defeats the purpose in making it.


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