JMS: Alice Cooper influence on B5 (CtI)?

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Subject: JMS: Alice Cooper influence on B5 (CtI)?
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Possible spoiler (minor) for Comes the Inquisitor ahead:

	During Sebastian's rant against Sheridan when he was tied up, it seems
that some of the dialogue was influenced by (or even taken from) lyrics to the
Alice Cooper song "Cleansed by Fire" from his album "Last Temptation."  Was
this so?  The lines "What about death?  What about life?  What about glory? 
What about sin?" etc. are the lines I'm refering to.

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     No, no nod there.  (Again, same thing as my last note.)  It's a
longstanding device, used by therapists, it's a big part of the Synanon
game (for those who know what that is)...Alice Cooper used that kind of
structure, but so did Meatloaf in "Life Is A Lemon And I want My Money
Back."  (What about your childhood?  What about love?)  It's in many
poems from the Beat Poetry's a device with a long tradition.
(Heck, read the book of Job sometime.)


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