Why JMS really believes in God?

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Subject: Why JMS really believes in God?
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From: glen at pacbell.net (glen evans)
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Even though JMS professes to be an atheist.  I think the main reason,
is that his concept of God, is of a loving God, and he can't reconcile
that this type of God would allow so much evil to happen.  Even in the
B5 universe there are the 'ancient' races, where did these races come
from?  It's the chicken and the egg.  In the stories, I've seen, it is
obvious that he readily uses religious symbols and idealogies.  JMS
tries to convince others and perhaps even himself that he doesn't
belief in God.  But believing that there is no God, actually takes
more faith than believing in God.
"Have you come here for forgiveness,
 Have you come to raise the dead,
 Have you come here to play Jesus,
 To the lepers in your bed  ...
  Did I ask too much,
 More than a lot,
 You gave me nothing
 Now it's all I got"           U2


From: espinoza at cgl.ucsf.EDU (Hernan Espinoza)
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glen at pacbell.net (glen evans) writes:

<snip> A well-meaning (IMHO) post

	Don't you think he knows his own beliefs better than you do?

		-Hernan, who will say no more.


From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
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I love it when people decide to tell me what I *really* believe, or don't
believe, that what I say and think is my view of life isn't really it at
ALL...and then throw all the old, cliched, hackneyed "how can god allow
evil to happen" straw men into the argument so they can be easily shot
down, when that has *nothing* whatsoever to do with my attitudes on the
subject.  And the notion that it takes more belief to have a non-belief
than belief to have a belief is so illogical, so deep in paralogia and
cliched thinking as to be beyond commenting on because any response would
be utterly and permanently drowned out by laughter.


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