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Apologies if this has been asked already:

Will we have enough information, by the end of this season, to fully
decipher the dream sequence Sheridan had when taken aboard the Strieb
ship? Or do we have it all already? (I know of only one part that was
answered, the bit in "Divided Loyalties".)

I've been quietly going batty trying to get meaning from Garabaldi's
statement, and the uniform Sheridan was wearing when he turned around to
face Susan the second time. 

Also, if I can sneak this in: 

Any choices made for other writers in the 4th season? Or are you planning
to write the whole 4th season like you did the 3rd?

Thanks for your time. 2 months to the final 5 and counting....


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Just offhand, yeah, I think all the info is there for the dream...either
way, it'll be explained by the end of the third season.


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