Brian and Wendamatica go nuts! or The Drool Contest.

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Subject: Brian and Wendamatica go nuts! or The Drool Contest.
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Well, it has finally happened.  The insesent meowing of the ducks have
driven me over the edge and Wendamatica's diet (which consists of
nothing but jelly beans) has caused here to enter a state of sugar
induced mania.

Now we are about to come to blows over the drool threads and have
decided that the only way to prevent the conflict is for a far and
impartial jury to decide which of us has the more vivid imagination.

The problem is neither of use can be described as impartial, and fair
isn't in my vocabulary most days, so we need your help.

We need judges for the contest.

The rules are as follows

The judges will come up with a situation of an adult nature

Wendamatica will right a story to represent the lady droolers
I will write a story to represent the gentlemen droolers.

The stories will be posted on the web (not in this news group)

People will vote via e-mail for the story of their choice

At the end of the voting period the votes will be tallied and a winner
will be determined.

The winner gets something (we don't know what yet, but something)

The loser gets nothing

What we need

A situation of an adult nature

Someone to collect and count the votes

An idea for the prize

NOTE:  It is very important that this be handled via e-mail,
Wendamatica or I will anounce when the judge has been chosen.  The
contest url.  And the winner.

Questions youdidn't even know you had.

Q. How did Brian get picked to represent the guys?
A. I thought of the contest, nominated myself, and voted for myself.
Since no one else voted I won.

Q. How did Wendamatica get picked to represent the girls?
A. I thought of the contest, nominated her, and voted for herf.  Since
no one else voted she won.

Q. Is this contest an official B5 contest.
A. No, and if anyone tells WB's legal department about it I'm dead

Q. Why are you doing this.
A. To prove once and for all who has the biggest drool glands in this
news group

Q. Are Brian and Wendamatica really crazy
A. Yes, but don't tell anyone.

Q. What do the shadows want
A. Fresh Spoo.

Q. If I want to be a judge, how can I contact you or Wendamatica?
A. e-mail me at bkbragg at or Wendamatica at
Wendamatica <mythmakr at>

Let us eat drink and be merry, for tomorrow we shall have hangovers!                      Brian K. Bragg
Note:  The author of this message accepts no responsibility for any
cerebral flatulence occurring here in.  Thank you and have a nice day.


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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I do hope that these stories will not use B5 characters or situations, as
I've asked repeatedly, and politely for the most part, that there *NOT* be
any B5 fanfic where I can see it.  (Would prefer not to have it anywhere,
but the odds of getting that are slim, I suspect.)


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