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    [The following text is in the "ISO-8859-1" character set]
    [Your display is set for the "US-ASCII" character set]
    [Some characters may be displayed incorrectly] today's (8/12) Philadelphia Inquirer there was a
commentary by Jerry "I co-authored with Larry Niven" and Alex "Windows NT
Magazine" Pournelle about the potential discovery of life on Mars, and
what we as a nation should do about it.  Anyway, one bit caught my eye:

     "Man is not alone.  From members of the scientific community to the
staff of the TV show _Babylon 5_, the joyous response has been, "About
time!  When can we look for more?'"

     Any idea why the Pournelles would say this?  (Besides wanting to make
a plug for a show I guess they like.)  Have they been in communication
with people on the set?  B5 was the only piece of popular culture
mentioned; the rest of the article was pretty tech-based, so B5 stuck out
like a red flag.


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I know that Alex is a big fan of the show, have spoken with him several
times, so that's likely where the mention came from.


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