ATTN JMS: 5000 down, how many to go?

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Subject: ATTN JMS: 5000 down, how many to go?
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From: David Hunter <dhunte01 at>
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In a previous post you mentioned that the fan club had mailed out 1000 
kits last week bringing the club total to 5000.

As someone who has been waiting patiently since day one for his kit I 
wondered if you could give us an idea of approximately how many 
memberships are still in the pile to be mailed.

Dave.  (who is vacationing in Scotland just after the final 5 air there)

dhunte01 at


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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No, then I wasn't clear...there were 1,000 waiting to be mailed that week,
there have already been piles and piles sent out over the last few weeks,
as can be confirmed by many here.


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