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Subject: ATTN JMS: Blow by Blow spoilers..
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From: cang at (Carlo emilio Ang - MECE/W94)
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I'm just curious JMS, in a previous post with a synopsis of
Walkabout, you discouraged people from posting  a blow by blow
of future eps, even with spoiler protection. I'm just wondering WHY?
The issue here does not seem to be spoiler protection, there is
already enough of it.
A blow by blow MIGHT discourage folks from watching the ep. Who in their
sane mind would miss an ep of B5? You have set up B5 so that synopsis
DO NOT do an ep justice, and fans just have to watch the ep to get 
everything. Do you fear that a sysnopsis "cheapens" an ep?

Speaking for myself, I find that watching a new ep equipped with sysnopsis 
and spoilers, does nothing to prepare me for the ep. I knew Delenn would
come to the rescue in the EA v B5 scene, but you set it up so well, I was

It's a shame that you don't like blow by blows, and as per your request
I might not find anymore. I do find them VERY helpful in tiding me over
for the remaining time to get the final 4 season 3 eps in N. America.
Please bear in mind that these blow by blows only tend to occur in the
case of "behind" episodes.

Keep up the good work !!!


From: root at
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Is it just me, or is anyone else getting distracted by the subject line of 
this thread?  

(aka dheins at


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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I gave my reasons in a second post on CIS, and would rather have that go
through than repeat it all again at length.  In brief, I just think that
in that much detail, it removes any and all chance of surprise, of seeing
how something happens.  And the episode is held hostage to how well the
person presents the synopsis.  For instance, you could say, "in this
episode, Kosh dies."  Okay, that's a spoiler, and that's fine...the person
can know what to expect, but still not know *exactly* when it's going to
happen, and still enjoy it when it does.

Similarly, if someone does a beat-by-beat and describes something very
flatly, or poorly, it can prejudice the viewer against the episode before
it even airs.  I can't tell you the amount of email I've received from
people who say, "I read this detailed synopsis of X on my listserve, and
from the way it was described it sounded really dopey, but it was great!" 

Bottom line...I didn't ask people not to post them, can't enforce it if I
wanted to, I was just kind of aghast.  Obviously people are gonna do
whatever they wanna do, that's a given.  It just sorta brought me up short
a bit, that's all.  Especially knowing how often this can get in the way
of enjoying the episode, even for those folks who want to be spoiled.


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