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Subject: Att JMS: Writers' Boot Camp?
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Recently I've been noticing print ads for a "Writers' Boot Camp", which
offers classes in New York, Chicago, and LA, and which will supposedly
teach its students how to produce a saleable script in 6 weeks. 

OTOneH, this sounds too good to be true; OTHO, I could sure use the 

Have you ever heard of this organization, and, if so, would you care to 
comment on it in public?

Thanks --
    J.M. ("Jamie") Egolf
   <*> jegolf at <*>
"We find meaning where we can." 


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Disclaimer: I know nothing about this program except what I've heard
casually around town, so take everything that follows with a grain of

Anyone who tells you that, by following a formula, you will turn out a
saleable script in 6 weeks is almost always lying.  If the program here is
mainly just in discipline, and that's something you need to apply butt to
chair and fingers to keyboard, then that's a different issue.  So beyond
that, I can't give you an informed recommendation either way.


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