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I just received my copy of Universe Today, and have a few comments
(so what else is new).

On the positive side:

In general, I liked the contents and format very much: I especially
liked the Bill Mumy interview, and he looked really attractive in
the photo.  I also liked the paint ball report, as a little snippet
of Real Life.

Liked that it was Volume 5....

On to negatives:

There were a significant number of typos, but even worse, 'Minbari'
and 'Centauri' were misspelled.

The usage of commas and hyphens was atrocious.

There were a couple of instances of gender-biased language.

I think the positives strongly outweigh the negative (except for that
'receptionist ... she' thing, which really pissed me off), but the
negatives could easily be fixed with a little judicious proofreading.
I'd even volunteer to do it.

In the future, should comments about fan club stuff come here, or
directly to JPL?



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Comments should go to Jim.  I only had a chance to review the newsletter
after it'd been laid out, and caught some errors, not others.  I've also
asked Harlan to help with the newsletter, subsequent to the first issue,
so that should add to it a bit.


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