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From: Chris Warren <chrisw at>
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The other day it occurred to me, what internet software/hardware god
would use. Unfortunately, once again, my prayers have not been answered.
So i'll have to settle with the next best thing... YOU.

With being a 'high bandwidth' and 'nice new, hitech
browser' type site, as well as being so damned slow even on my 28.8K
modem, I was wondering what do you use for connecting to the net?

I presonally use Netscape Gold 3 for the web, Microsoft Internet
Explorer 3 (almost never) and Turnpike for mail and news. (as it's fast)

I just have this funny image of you sitting in a small, dark, room with
an ancient (pre-babylonian) abacus trying to answer peoples questions.

P.S. I'm trying to pursuade Ed Wasser for an interview for my b5 actor
site (Shadow Casting), could ya remind him to read his e-mail or give hi
a nudge for me?

        Chris Warren
Without Good there is no evil.
Without light there are no shadows.
Without hope there is no future.
Or simply E-Mail me at
Chris Warren <chrisw at>
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Have much fun.



From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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In general, I connect to Usenet via my AOL account, regular 28.8 modem for

I have a couple of web accounts, one on Earthlink (soon to go away) one on
IBM net, using Netscape 2.0 for most stuff, FreeAgent for the rest.

Now, I'd *bought* a Motorola ISDN modem, but even though I've configured
it right, had the lines put in, it's greenlighted...can't seem to connect
to anydamnthing, and I don't have the ISDN numbers for IBM net (and
getting this info, despite some help from a few folks over there, is like
pulling teeth)...I'm wired to the gills, but the triple-damned thing ain't
happening.  Some days I just despair....


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