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From: Erlend Sannerud <Erlend.Sannerud at>
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Hi JMS, and others who reads this

I would just like to thank you, JMS, for creating B5 for us who have been 
waiting for something like this to happen. You have created something like a 
symphony. Most tv series are made like a regular pop song, giving people what 
they wanted - always.

Here you start of with a slow moving, teasing, theme. Gives away hints and 
clues about whats going to happen. Sometimes goes of with something what could 
be mistaken for a finale, and then turn it over with something that looks 
completely new, different. But in the background the little theme is evolving 
forward slow, but surtain. Keeps the viewer glued to the screen - just waiting 
for whats next. LOVE IT!

We, here in Norway, watch B5 on TV2. They mistreat the series badly. Every 
sunday at 16:25: "Is it B5 or is it Sport?" We never now. Letters have been 
sent to them, some have been answered. They have told a person that they will 
show all seasons, let's hope so. If they keep this treatment up we might be 
able to see the very last episode of season5 in year 2005. So you may say that 
I'm looking forward to get the series on Laserdisc - very much! By the way 
we're at the very end of season2 waiting for the last episode, wich TV2 will 
show sometimes next year. What joy - NOT!


Enough of me talking. All I wanted to say is:

Thank you for creating this wonderful thing, and keep up the good work  - 
please! You are the master!

Best regards

Erlend Sannerud
MAILTO:sannrud at

P.S Say hello to the B5 crew and cast from fans in Norway.


From: jmsatb5 at
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Thank *you*, and my best to all our fans in Norway.  That's a long way to
go, for a kid from New Jersey....


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