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>= He mentioned an instance on Ghostbusters when he mentioned the
>Necronomicon.  A studio exec told him that it was an occult book that
>promoted Satanism and that they couldn't use it.  He told them back that
>it was a fake book that hadn't ever been written, like the Protocols of
>the Elders of Zion -- it was believed to have existed, but didn't.  They
>still wanted it out.  He told the studio to contact medieval scholars at
>a nearby university -- they did and said that they scholars told them
>that it was an occult book that promoted Satanism.  *HE* then called the
>academics and learned that they had said that it was a fictional book
>that hadn't ever been written.  Joe's response: "You lying sacks of

Omigosh! This happens to be the mother of all coincidences, so listen
up Joe et al...

I remember seeing that particular episode when it first aired, long
before I had even heard of B5. (If you don't believe me, "Old Ones,
Old Ones, rah rah rah!")

At one point, the Dan Akroyd-like character went into a speech about
how he hadn't read any "black" books, but other authors like H. P.
Lovecraft had, and they had written about them. I was intrigued.
Surely, I thought, a kiddie-cartoon writer wouldn't use real authors
in a show like this? So I checked, and of course, immediately became
completly addicted to Lovecraft.

This is where it gets really weird. When I first started surfing the
Web, I came across a site that listed all of the Lovecraftian
refrences and take-offs on television. I came across a section that
mentioned an episode of B5, specifically a shot of the League of
Non-Aligned Worlds' ambassadors, and said that Cthulhu was sitting
there in the first row.

I decided to watch a few episodes, came in at A Voice in the
Wilderness pt. 1, and have been hooked ever since (by the way, if
anyone can't figure it out, it was a Pak'ma'ra).

So now I find out that that original Ghostbusters episode was writen
by Joe. Is this some cosmic conspiracy? Does it hint at some
deep-seated order in the universe? Maybe it should be a reminder that
there are no small shows, only small writers.

It just tells me that the end goal of all universal processes is
Babylon 5.

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Actually, Kyle, we're all watching you and controlling you....


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