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Dear Joe,

Since I spend a lot of time with the remote in hand, watching a 
re-watching sequences from episodes (my brain takes at least three 
passes to soak it all up), I wanted to tell you how *impressed* I am 
with the FX this season! As far as I can tell, there has been no 
decrease in quality of CGI. In fact, I am delighted with how great 
it all looks. 

The atmospheric "lightning" effect on the planet in "Whatever
was spectacular. The effect was so realistic that my comment at the 
time was, "Wow! That looks like footage from an episode of Nova!"  Do 
you use any film from NASA or other agencies as a "base" from which 
to create such affects? It looks absolutely real!

Also, the garden on Centauri Prime was opulent and LARGE. It showed
just how foolishly wasteful the royal court could be with resources just 
for the pleasure of a few. In this case, a few moments of CGI was worth 
a thousand words. Nice job!

Your people have raised the pole up a few notches once again. Keep 
up the great work, one and all! It is appreciated and enjoyed.

Best wishes, 
jackie jordan ross<*>


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Thanks.  And we intend to continue pushing the EFX this season...the CGI
in 406 will be either equal to or more than "Severed Dreams," for


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