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nottenst at (Neil Ottenstein) wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about the preview for
>Falling Towards Apotheosis.  I know JMS and team do not put
>it together, but this time it seemed quite a bit weird to have
>the one little bit with the dream flashback which I do not
>recall appearing in the episode.  Does anyone think that this
>was supposed to be symbolic of something that we did see?
>Neil Ottenstein
>nottenst at

Here, Here.  I wondered about this as well. That clip seems to have more 
relevance to the previous episode (Summoning), with Sheridan on the 
balcony "preaching" to the masses and seeing himself on the balcony in 
dreamtime.  Hopefully JMS will be able to respond, but I suspect it was 
just an error on the part of WB.

David "I've fallen toward apotheosis, and I can't get down" Frankel


From: jmsatb5 at
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I am forever amazed by what ends up in the trailers, and never see them or
know what's in them until they air.


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