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Okay. I'm running Navigator Gold 3.0, I have my 5.2 Universe Today with my
Gold Channel passwords --

-- and I get *one* entry from JMS's journal, then a message saying the
connection has been lost.

I'm guessing this is just JMS's way of keeping us coming back for more --
that there really isn't anything else there?

Who thinks JMS as a kid ate too many boxes of cereal that were supposed 
to have prizes in them?

(Not really angry -- a little concerned, and mostly amused, at how willing
I am to be manipulated...)
    J.M. ("Jamie") Egolf
   <*> jegolf at <*>
"We find meaning where we can." 


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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We'll be dropping in new material on the Gold Channel about every 4 weeks
for now, until all the fan club folks get on board, then move it up to
about every 2 weeks.


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