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Subject: JMS: any more StarFury battles coming up?
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While rewatching some old episodes yet again (I think I know the entire
script for "Midnight on the Firing Line" by heart now) and was drawn as
ever into the battles between StarFury and raider delta-wing.  I found
myself thinking, it's been a long time since we've seen much of StarFuries
in action, especially not in smaller battles where you could really see
'em.  The enemies these days are too big and powerful for Furies.  Even
Earth Alliance is too big, sending in ships like the Roanoke.  And any
battle with a capital ship (even the Centauri cruiser in "Fall of Night")
has the camera so far back the Furies become little bips almost lost in a
storm of action.

Mostly all we see Furies used for is transport, recon, and cleanup these
days, because they're not really capable of much more against Shadows and
Vorlons and cruisers and stuff.

I love those big battles, and all the tactics and strategy explored in
them, and their epic scope, but I do find myself kinda pining for a nice
little StarFury-driven space battle, with no more than a half dozen ships
on each side, lots of close-in shots, lots of 3D fighting, lots of nifty
manuevers.  Will we be seeing any more of that kind of battle this season?

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"Will we be seeing any more of that kind of battle this season?"

(Insert Beavis and Butthead "huh-huh-huhhuh" sound here)

Oh yeah.


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