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Season 4 spoilers, plus arc speculation:

(spoiler space...)

(should be enough)

	Is it my imagination, or at the end of this episode when Sheridan is 
approaching the crowd do I see a square red sign on the wall behind
him, enclosing a white circle with black figures within?  It seems a
bit reminscent of what decorated Berlin during World War II.
	And when we see the way the girl treated him at the start of the
next episode, as a Messianic figure that will deliver the galaxy from
	And when Londo in "War Without End" mentions that Sheridan
had refused to help his world against the shadows...
	And when you see how fierce Sheridan has become, glaring,
shouting and waving his arms during his speech - is he on the path to
become the stern Sheridan looking down on him in his vision?
	Is Sheridan going to become the greatest threat of all?

	What I don't see when following this reasoning is where Lorien
fits.  Would he like to be rid of the Vorlon and Shadow races, if
that's what it would take for the galaxy to be free of their meddling?

	In Wagner's "Gotterdammerung" a new world is born when the
old gods are destroyed, and the lesser peoples are free to pursue
their own fates without the puppet strings of the gods.

	I haven't been right about anything yet, but....

	Love the show.  I had written to our local station (WZJY TV) in
Charlotte complaining that STTNG reruns were given better slots than
B5, and several weeks later they swapped them!  Babylon 5 now shows
at 8 PM Saturdays.  They probably were planning the move anyway but
for the next several months every little rating point counts.  If
writing a few letters allows JMS to produce 22 more stories about
these characters, I think it's worth the effort.  :-)

David Hutchins


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Certainly there will be some people who will wonder exactly the same thing
you do, within the context of the show...and wonder if Sheridan's gone too
far, gotten too messianic in his approach....

Ah, the fun never stops....


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