Inquest magazine spoils season 4 title (*spoiler*)

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Subject: Inquest magazine spoils season 4 title (*spoiler*)
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	I recently got a copy (four copies, actually, I wanted a bunch of
the enclosed Rage trading card) of the January issue of Inquest, a
collectible card game magazine.  I was happy to find a B5 article in the
magazine, if a very basic one.  The article had brief synopses of the four
seasons, including the titles of each season--and it included the season
four title!  Last I knew jms still does not wanted this title revealed.
So, I wonder if it's legit, one of those things he told someone for later
publication, and in this case it's time has come to see print.  For those
interested, Inquest reports the title to be...

<<spoiler space>>


<<a bit more>>

"Into the Fire".
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"Into the Fire"

Nope.  That ain't it.

It's the title of a script that nobody's seen yet.


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