"The man in between is searching for you" et al...

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Subject: "The man in between is searching for you" et al...
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From: jeffv at physics.ubc.ca (Jeff Vavasour)
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I was browsing through the episode guide at Hyperion to see if there was
anything I might've missed in the first season (I only caught some shows in
repeat), and eventually got on to some of the more interesting 2nd season

Anyway, in the description of "All Alone in the Night" (do I need spoiler 
warnings for a second season episode?) it describes Sheridan's dream sequence.
In the "jms speaks" section it says one of the images will become clear by
the end of the second season... funny, it doesn't feel very clear. :-)  I'm
wondering if the image he was refering to was "Do you know who I am?" in light
of Susan's revelation in "Divided Loyalties," or am I missing something more

- Jeff


From: jmsatb5 at aol.com (Jms at B5)
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Either the guide got it wrong, or I misspoke, or you're misremembering.  I
said, specifically, and this season, that the dream Sheridan had would be
explained, in detail, by the end of the *third* season.  And it has, and
it's already been filmed.


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