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Subject: Interludes and Examinations (* Spoilers *)
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(* Spoilers for Interludes and Examinations  *)


Maybe a spoiler for Interludes and Examinations  (I don't think so but
what the heck)

Spoilers Ho!












	I just saw Interludes and Examinations!  and I have to say that I'm
Pissed at you!  Did you have to do it this way! WHY?  You're Evil..
Been talk in the last few weeks about the "one who was here from the
beginning" and Like everyone else we've been guessing about who you
were talking about and Now I know.. It hurts!  Well now we go on from
here but waiting each week is getting more and more painful  ( stop
laughing, I know that this is you purpose) you're as bad as some of my
favorite authors.  You had better keep your show going or WB is going
to be in big trouble I think.

I hope this isn't considered a spoiler for the folks who are waiting
later in the week to see this episode.

One last word.... aHHHHHHHHHHH!

Thomas Perry
t.l.perry at


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(* Spoilers for Interludes and Examinations  *)

	S  p   o   i    l    e   r      S  p   a   c   e  .   .   .

Wow!  I can see why that was a surprise for you when you wrote it!
Even though I accidentally read about it beforehand, the death of Kosh
was astonishing.
	Could you please give my regards to Bruce?  I just keep
getting impressed again and again by his acting ability.  That scene
with Kosh was simply POWERFUL.  I could really feel his anger and
frustrations at this race who has claimed superiority for so long, and
now won't show it.  (Or put their money where their mouths are, as
Sheridan said.) 
	 I hope that the "death" that Sheridan experiences when he
goes to Z'ha'dum is either a figurative or emotional death, because
I'm quite attached to him.  (OH NO! That means you WILL snuff him
	Oh, by the way, I thought I'd run some guesses of what the
cliff hanger at the end of the season will be called:

Little Space Station on the Praerie
Scarecrow and Mrs. Ingles

Actually I'm really looking forward to having Melissa on the show, but
it bothers me that even after all the great characters we've seen,
that some people are still having the "Chekov on Babylon 5?" syndrome
about her.
	One last thing, do we get to see soon what the rangers are
doing about these shadow incursions, and If they DO attack, I do hope
that they include a telepath on every vessel.   
	Thanks for working so hard to make this product of your
imagination come alive,



From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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spoiler space...

It wasn't my idea.  It was Kosh's idea.  It was his pulling me that way
that led to it.  "Trust me," he said.  I followed.

And yeah, it does hurt.  Pat Tallman was devastated at the screening. 
Even my own crew wouldn't talk to me for a day or so after the script came

Which is when I knew it was the right thing to do.


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