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Subject: ATTN JMS: Keeping your relationships alive
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From: stef at (Stef Jones)
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Forgive me if this question is too personal, but as I read about your
singleminded involvement with producing/writing/overseeing Babylon 5, your
hours on the nets, and your few hours of sleep, I wonder how you keep your
marriage healthy. Do you simply have a very patient/low maintenance spouse?
Is your wife busy with her own projects? Do you set aside time for each
other? Do you share with her any of your creative process?
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Y'know, it ain't often that a question stops me and leaves me staring at
the screen for ten minutes trying to decide what the hell to say....

I guess the answer isn't a good one, Stef.

Everything in my life is subsumed into the work.  Especially for B5.  You
must understand, this isn't just a show for me, isn't just a job, some
bucks.  This show means almost everything to me right now.  My personal
life, my health, my relationships, everything comes second to the work.  

And someday, there will be a reckoning for that. 

I'll likely revisit this subject at some point in the future...but not


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