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Dear JMS, 

Since this is my first post to you, let me offer my thanks for creating
one of the best and most memorable television series of all time. 
Though my main job is teaching philosophy at the university level, I also
have an ambient music radio program as an avocation.  (I support B5 by
playing the soundtrack CD and occasionally creating a special feature on
B5.) I am now working to develop a science fiction oriented talk show on
the same local Community (volunteer operated, listener-supported) radio
station.  My question is about Hour 25, the show you used to do on the
radio in L.A. 

What were the main features of your show?  Did you cover novels, tv,
movies, and comics?  Did you interview SF writers and creators?  Did you
do reviews?  Did you occasionally read any of your own short stories?  Was
there a call-in component to the show?  What features and formats worked
best for you?  If you were going to re-create the show now, what would you
want to include that you did not do then? 

I ask this not only for myself, but for the possible benefit of other SF
aficionados on this newsgroup who may have access to a Community radio
station in their area and who might be encouraged to express their
analyses of B5 (and other SF) on the local airwaves.  (For those who do
not know, Community radio differs from Public radio in being largely
volunteer operated.  It is always interested in unique programming; most
stations have one-three session training programs to teach you how to use
the equipment.  Most shows are weekly, rather than daily, shows.  New
shows are typically approved by an elected Program Committee, sometimes
assisted by a Director.) 

Thanks in advance.  I hope your writing is going well in this interim
waiting period! 

Bill Schroeder
(wrschr at


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Hour 25, when I hosted it, was a pretty eclectic mix of stuff.  We covered
hard SF, fantasy, horror, comics, TV, movies, you name it; we/I
interviewed writers, directors, producers, directors, artists, the whole
gamut.  Neil Gaiman, Walter Koenig, John Carpenter, Bill Gibson, Jonathan
Carroll, Clive Barker, Ray Bradbury, Tim Powers...if they were involved in
speculative fiction in any of its forms, sooner or later they came to Hour
25.  (Hmm...why, there's a slogan in there...)

The first half-hour was mainly nattering, news of the SF world, local and
national, nominations of various sorts, who was in town, some brief
reviews, personal anecdotes...nattering.  The next hour was spent in heavy
interview mode; the last half hour or so we opened up the phone lines for
questions from listeners.

The same format is being used in the current incarnation, with some
modifications: more shorter pieces rather than in-depth single person
interviews, more canned interviews, more software and space program info,
that sort of thing.  The personality of the individual host tends to shape
the show.


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