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From: K. A.
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Spoilers for War Without End abound....

Okay, theres something I'mnot getting here. Well, it not so much that I dont
get it but clarification would definately ease my aching brain :-)
Why leave Garibaldi Behind? What does Sinclair think he is going to do? 
obviously he says Garibaldi will want tocome along, but...?!? so what?
My best guess WAS that Garibaldi will want to go back 1000 years with sinclair
and 'Not come back'. This was based on what I assumed was a flashback with
Garibaldi and Sinclair on B4 , with garibaldi doing what he was born to do.
You see , I concluded that was them on B4 1000 years ago, not B5 8 days from
now. But discussion in thsi group seems to indicate otherwise.
So what other reason does Sinclair have to assume that Garibaldi will want
to sacrifice himself in some way on this mission that Sinclair cannot allow? 
I know, I know... Wait for Part two. :-) Any shedding of light here would be
greatly appreciated... Thanks,
A. K.


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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It's a story point, and it'll be explained clearly in part two.  What, you
think I'd have something this odd going on and not explain it?

It's coming.  Be patient.


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