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From: scottm at (Malinda)
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I came across this report on the ongoing saga of Ted Turner of Borg's
attempted assimilation of Warner Brothers. I was wondering how this
affects WB in the short term and the show now that PTEN is gone.

>TUESDAY, MAY 7, 1996
>Los Angeles, California


>When the news broke late on Monday that the feds were going to block the 'as
>is' TIME-WARNER-TURNER merger affair -- you could almost here a collective
>media gasp.  The WASHINGTON POST revealed that Federal Trade Commission
>staff members believe the $7 billion merger would hurt competition in the
>television programming market. 

>The big egomaniacal trip by Ted Turner and Gerald Levin is halted.  A race
>to rule the waves.  Why in the world would the consumer want a company that
>big, and that omnipresent, to create and control most of its pop culture

>(The new DISNEY/ABC power is meek compared to the proposed TWT grip.)  

>"We are two to three weeks away (from a decision) but the general consensus
>is to take them on," the newspaper quoted an unnamed commission staff member.  


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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It shouldn't have any effect on us either way; personally, I doubt the
merger would take place.  


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