JMS pops a gasket. WAS: Re: Liars, Damn Liars, Statisticians, Fuller, & Straczysnki

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Subject: JMS pops a gasket. WAS: Re: Liars, Damn Liars, Statisticians, Fuller, & Straczysnki
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>I never said B5 had higher ratings than DS9.  Never said it.  Yes,
>they have higher ratings.  Never said otherwise.  So the fuck what? 
>"Ball in my court?"  At least I have some left.  Unlike you, I simply
>admit the truth and move on.  Yes, they are also in more markets,
>because they have the ST name.  Again, so the fuck what?  That's got
>nothing to do with you lying about our ratings going down.  And yes,
>the quarterly-analysis published in May had us at about a 3.0 rating,
>which is correct; that will likely go up in the 4th quarter due to our
>increase.  Again, so the fuck what?  We're doing fine, we're doing
well >enough that our chances of renewal are good, which is the only
test >that matters.  What, somebody has >to be #1 or they're shit? 
What >planet are you FROM?
>Doesn't change the fact that you lied about the ratings, Theron.  I
>put the ball you refer to in YOUR court, Theron...let's see if you
>apologize for your continued fabrications.  Or if you'll simply
>continue to behave like the gutter rat you are.
> jms


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Yes, indeedy I did.  And I did it over there because we try to keep flames
OUT of the moderated group.  I've not said a word about the individual
involved here, or on any other service (despite that person's continued
attacks on me) since the mod group went up.  The situation existed there
long before I finally got sick of it and responded.  (Odd choice, btw, on
what you chose to include and what to leave out of the message thread.)

In any event...this is a flame-free area.  Let's keep it that way.


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