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   tmclean at (Tom McLean) wrote:
>Spoilers for Ship of Tears

>	Were Gerabaldi's last few lines of the episode completely dubbed? 
>They sounded really funny on my set for some reason.  Was his line
>significantly changed in post production?
You noticed that too eh? I thought it was really wierd....unless the MAN 
thought that the dialogue needed to be couched in *very* exacting terms so as 
not to conflict with things to follow. I got the impression the strange dub 
cut in in the midst of his little speech and finally cut out *after* Ivanova 
had uttered her first couple of words. That kinda stuff really makes me wonder 
what the hell their up to.



BTW...did you ever get an answer to this? I'm looking at it (obviously) well 
after the fact but I thought it was a strange blip too.


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If thsi refers to the War Room scene with Garibaldi at the end...yes,
there was some looping done.  The best performed scene had some
unacceptable noise in it from the chair Jerry had been sitting in at the
first part, then he went slightly off-mike at the second point.



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