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From: Tkopp at (Thomas J. Kopp)
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Can someone tell me what the deal is?

I've seen glimmers of this brought up in other threads, so I apologize for duplicity, but
well...this IS rather important

I don't generally follow this group, but I read in a local newsgroup that
our local station (WVTV, Channel 18, Milwaukee, WI) had cancelled B5 for next season.

I called them up and they said, basically "No, we don't have any definite word yet, but
what we're hearing is that WB is cancelling the show." 

Upon further questioning, they insisted it wasn't a local decision, but rather WB.

The SAME WB that's encouraging us to write to stations to support the show...



From: lorrie at (Lorrie Wood)
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	Your station is bullshitting you and passing the buck. WB hasn't
made a decision yet. When they do, you will know because there will
be great rejoicing (and in the frozen swamps of Z'Ha'Dum they were
forced to eat Lennier's band. And there was much rejoicing) (yay).
jms will rent space on top of key flagpoles all across the country
to personally yell it really loud.

	Or he could just post here, and we, his gleeful milling throngs,
will cheerfully sprea the word.

	You notice I'm not even letting the possibility of cancellation
cross my mind, here. It'll get renewed if we just believe hard enough!

	Anyway, my point remains: WB has not reached a decision. jms
has said so, many other, bigger stations have said so. The preponderance
of evidence suggests a snowjob on the part of your Milwaukee station.

	And you can quote me on that...

-- Lorrie

Lorrie Wood				lorrie at

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From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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You must understand that this is a loop.

The stations often tend to reply with, "We'll continue to air the show as
long as WB makes it."  What's key to WB airing the show, however, is the
number of stations that agree to air it, preferably with double runs,
because that's where WB makes its money with the national advertisers.  If
WB were to lose X-number of stations, it wouldn't be profitable for them,
and thus they wouldn't continue to make it, thus the stations that *did*
want it couldn't buy it.

Compared to this, the chicken/egg equation was easy.


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