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Greeting JMS,

...and many thanks for a mind blowing season.  I frequently mutter, as I
watch, "This show isn't afraid to do ANYTHING!".

Anwyay, I've got a number of friends and family who WANT to watch the show
but now feel hopelessly lost because they haven't seen past episodes. 
They actually seem disappointed at not being able to join in somehow.  I
often wonder, rather than presenting them with a bunch of arc episodes, if
a TV movie that summarized the arc to date (or some date) would work? 
Might it even be composed mainly of footage already shot?  While I think a
TV movie like this would garner more audience, I also think it might step
on reruns and the like.

Just wondering out loud.  Thanks for your thoughts!

Terisa Green
terisa at
webmaster at


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Or you can try explaining that every episode generally has all the
information you need to follow it.  We're constantly adding new viewers,
and they're almost always up to speed in just 2-3 episodes, if that long. 
Just jump on in, the water's fine.

The occasional repetition of some bit of background or foreshadowing can
be slightly bothersome for constant viewers, but that is necessary if
you're going to continue to add new viewers, which is important for any
series to stay on the air.


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