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Subject: ATTN JMS: B5 Renewed in Atlanta!
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Yes! WATL, 36, Atlanta has announced they decided to renew B5! I like to 
think that the fans here had something to do with that. We mounted a 
letter writng campaign. When WATL put up there web page, the majority of 
hits on the site were in support of B5. A local Wargame shop (the WAR ROOM)
has purchaced at least 8 weeks of comercials during B5, eeven though it 
is shown at 5am wednesdays, and 12am sundays. (I love the double run!). I 
just wanted to say that in this experience, the Atlanta fans I had 
contact with were from all walks of life. It seems that although B5 are 
not as great in number as Star Trek or X-files fans, that they are not 
causual viewers They appear more than willing to go that extra mile for the 
show. Of course, with a creator who goes that extra mile himself (as well, 
apparently other staff), it sets a high exaple to follow. I hope that it 
is this way in the other markets, but I expect that it is from most of 
what I see here. I know for myself, B5 is the only show I make an effort 
to see in my busy schedual (work, school, and all that). I don't tape 
this one to watch later, I get up early! I just wanted to say thanks for 
giving us a great run (even if the dragon wakes up and kills the show). 
We are all holding our breath down here in Atlanta, [times like this I 
wish I belived in a god so I could sell my soul to the devil, alas. ;) ]

Welll I have gotten a bit wordy, but I do that sometimes. I do have a 
qick closing question however:
Do you plan to attend a convetntion that is east of the Mississippi, and 
south of DC? Like after the Olympics (if the city still stands)?

Thanks again, love the Show.

Bryan G. Stephens 
seenar at

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent"

-Salvor Hardin, Foundation


From: jmsatb5 at (Jms at B5)
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Thanks, that's good news.  Right now the stations are being canvassed by
WB for their final decision, so this is a good time.



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