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... turned up in the post yesterday, and a darn good read it is too.

One small factual inaccuracy on page 8, though "NBC initiated the first
daily schedule of television programming on May 1, 1939" which will come as
a bit of a surprise since the BBC are this week celebrating 60 years of
regular television broadcasts (which for the numerically-challenged makes
it 1936).

I have to admit to not being a writer (either by my or JMS's definition)
but the enthusiasm with which Joe speaks of writing and writers almost
drives me to the keyboard.

Well done that man !




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The date stated obviously refers to the US, not to the UK.  The US
experiments in TV fell a bit by the wayside when the war hit.  Some
European communities kept at it.  But question: are you sure, when the BBC
refers to its founding in 1936, that they're not referring to BBC *radio*?


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