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Hi, Joe!  Loved The Final Five, and can't wait until this weekend
when I see Hour Of The Wolf.  Incredible stuff, and many congrats
to Bruce and Mira in particular for their performances.  (Not that
your a-fraggin-mazing script had much to do with it. ;)

I have a formal request, and I thought your answer would be useful
to the general public.

My Web Page (which was on the Support B5! list) has a section of
my B5 parody and humor stuff -- small now, but it will grow, oh yes,
it will grow.  (I used to be pretty active on GEnie, and we did
lots of good stuff over there, and I'm collating it this weekend.)

On the page now is a graphic of what I guess is your original logo,
which was given to me by a supportive fan early on -- couldn't have
been later than Spring of 1991, I think -- and which also contained
some of your early history files on B5.  (My interest was strong,
since the first SFX were done on Amigas.)

In any case, I am about to upgrade my webspace in two stages, and
I wanted to ask permission (or at least finding out about asking
permission) to do three things:

  (1) continue using the old logo;

  (2) use a newer logo, and perhaps a few small cropped shots from
the show (which I'll probably take from the CD-ROM);

  (3) not immediately, but soon, put a self-arranged MIDI file of
Christopher Franke's Season 3 opening theme on the page, at least
for playing in the background, and possibly for downloading.

Obviously, we're talking copyright notices and personal credits
out the wazoo here.  I just wanted to know if there was going to
be a problem.

One possible small wrinkle: I am a musician, and I do filk.  (I
was the hairy little guy who came up to you at MarCon after your
Saturday presentation and tried not to stutter too much as I gave
you copies of my two tapes.  I hope you liked them.)  While I do
not sell my tapes through my web page, I do advertise them.  However,
the intention of the page is primarily entertainment, and I have
a whole lotta content, mostly non-B5.  (Come on by and see.)  So
I am *not* intending to use the B5 content to sell anything.  I was
a well-known quantity in fandom long before I did B5 shtick, and
it has never become a central theme of anything I do.

So, I ask permission to put a few small goodies, with appropriate
credit and copyright, on my page.  The music, I suspect, will be
"the tricky part," but I do not wish to take chances or do wrong
on anything.  I ask that you check out what I've already got first,
and let me know what you think.  I will of course abide by your request.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.



| Tom Smith (tomsmith at |   Amiga - Babylon 5 - MST3K   |
|  The World's Fastest Filker   | |


From: jmsatb5 at
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I cannot give permission for *anything*, as the copyright is owned by
Warner Bros., not me.


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