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You seem to have redefined it with this episode!

In CT here I'm forced to tape the show as it broadcasts at 11:30pm on
Monday nights (I go to work early) and it's been a weekly ... well,
event seems a bit much but when my wife and I watch it on Tuesday after
getting home from work it's the TV we most lookforward to. Now just when
I'm getting used to waiting till Monday you have to make the story this
much compelling, no fair but I guess we'll live with it.

I do have a general question I'd like to ask though. 

You've said the naratives are set sometime in the future and they are
looking back, generally over events in the stories coming up. At least
this was the case for the first 3 seasons.
The first season opener has Sinclair telling us "It was the dawn of the
third age of mankind, ten years after the Earth/Minbari war." Now this
brings to mind a question or two, when is he speaking this? And is it
known to the characters that this is the 3rd age of man. The audience
doesn't know, but do the characters?



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The characters figure it out later this season.


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