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Hey! I said there was a possible spoiler here. So...DON'T LOOK UNLESS

O.K. Enough.

JMS, I looked at the WB B5 site and the stuff about the "Whatever
Happened..." ep. included this:

      "Finally, Ivanova asks Delenn to borrow a White Star so that she
can look for The First Ones, who would prove instrumental if they
could join in their cause against the Shadows. Delenn agrees and
instructs Marcus to go with her."

I'm pretty certain I didn't have a brain cramp and miss this while
watching. Can you verify that this was not part of the final cut?

Meanwhile, someone ought to post a Spoiler Warning re: the official 5
site. Sheesh! You'd think they'd at least pay someone to watch their
own damned "product" before (or maybe even after) writing it up!




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The scene was snipped for time.


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