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During the last few eps -particularly during "WHtMG"-, we've gotten to
hear many resonances of lines which Sinclair had during season one.
Particularly with Lorien.

This is not another we-want-Jeffrey bitch session.  I'm quite won over by
Sheridan at this point ("Z'Ha'Dum" took care of any remaining reluctance I
might have had).  I'm glad that you brought in Sheridan for however long
you brought him.

But it seems at least a pity that the arch demanded such a change, so the
symmetry did not come out as complete as originally intended.  If I feel
like this as a watcher, I can imagine how you feel about it as the creator
and artist who is ever striving for perfection and hates to notice even
the most insignificant flaw in his handywork.

All in all, I think we are blessed with the change, and that we gained a
helluva lot more than we lost.  I also imagine that something within you
will compel you to bring into the fold whatever symmetries you may think
have been left still dangling at one point or another so, without pressing
that further, I'm as delighted as everybody else to wait with baited
breath and see just *how* you do it.  But there is one minor point that
bugs me, and probably bugs others as well.

It seems that, like there are older and younger races, every major
character has a younger apprentice or second, to take over and aid them.
Sheridan has Ivanova; G'Baldi has Zack.  Kosh had Lyta, Delenn has
Lennier, Londo has Vir and G'Kar... what about G'Kar?

He had Na'Toth.  Now he has no-one (true, you introduce someone as his new
friend in "WHtMG", but that someone is not a Narn, and hence not someone
to take over and continue his work in his absence -as Vir does for Londo
in the WWE vision of the future).

If as some people may guess, this second and younger generation plays a
key role (continuity?) along the arch, is there any chance of bringing
either Na'Toth or Ta'Lon back?  No doubt you have whatever you need in
this regard in the works, but it would be nice for us if you could tell us
whatever you can.  If anything.  Here's hoping...



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>> looked at me. "But this year it's different..." '   (D.T.)            <<


From: jmsatb5 at
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I briefly considered giving G'Kar a second, after the revolving door
Na'Toths, but as I looked at you say, the others all DO have one
like that, and I figured it might be good to have someone *without*
that...especially after the fall of Narn, when the staff would be
canceled.  And there's something I like about G'Kar being alone in all
this.  Anyway, it varies the mix a bit.


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