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Who are you?
What do you want?
Why are you?

When you get past the surface answers, aren't we dealing with
different faces of the same question? For example,  a writer, a story
teller is what JMS *is* and not what JMS does.  Therefore, 
1. Who is JMS? -- a story teller
2. What does JMS want? -- to tell storys
3. Why is JMS? -- to tell storys that ennoble man.

   Jim Waters
   Bldg 120
   Brookhaven National Lab
   Upton, NY 11973

   E-mail: waters at

   The preceeding opinions do not necessarily represent those
   of anybody in their right mind.


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That only works if you define yourself by what you do...not what you are.

But as Lorien says, there's never a good answer to it.


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