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Subject: Attn JMS: A Thank You
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From: MAKDUP at
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I just wanted to say how much I appreciated your presence at the convention
in Pasadena on Saturday.  I've always loved the show since I started watching
mid first season.  It's like nothing else and I doubt anything of its caliber
will be seen for quite awhile.
But, I never anticipated that was also true of you and the cast.  All the
cast members at the convention were amazing friendly.  I've never seen the
like in all my years of going to conventions.  Everyone, including yourself
stayed long after the usual hour put in by most people.  Being back in the
cheap seats, I was pretty certain we weren't going to get any autographs or
meet any of the cast members.  I was on cloud nine just getting Bill, Richard
and Stephen.  So I was totally stunned to get yours, Mira's and Peter's.  My
husband and I decided to wait in our seats as requested to try and uphold the
reputation of Babylon 5 fans as being courteous and cooperative.  That put us
way in the back of the line.  It was disappointing after waiting all day to
see you.  But, just like you do every time we watch the show, you didn't let
us down.  You made sure everyone who wanted an autograph got one, as did the
others.  To see such kindness and thoughtfulness on your part has left me
even more in awe of you than before and has restored my faith in mankind.  To
see someone so talented, be so generous with his time, bordered on a
religious experience and one I'll not soon forget.
I hope you'll extend my thanks and appreciation to all the cast members that
were there.  I just wanted all of you to know how much it meant to me and I'm
sure everyone there.  All of you made the convention an unforgettable
A devoted fan and recent convert,
Maureen Kennedy


From: jmsatb5 at
Lines: 22

Thank you, your words are most kind.

I guess you have to understand...I come at this from the perspective of
having been an SF fan myself, I've *stood* in those lines.  And been cut
off.  I swore, up one side and down the other, that if I should ever get
my chance to do something of merit, if I ever got known (outside of
America's Most Wanted), that I wouldn't allow ANYone to experience that
feeling.  I've signed for sometimes 3, 4 hours at a time.  Doesn't matter.
 Nobody leaves emptyhanded.  Nobody.

This has infected many members of our cast, who feel as I do...and they go
far, far, FAR beyond the call of duty.

'Cause,'s the right thing to do.


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